Research Interests
Dr. Kyongok Kang

  • Equilibrium Phases: I-isotropic, N+I –nematic-isotropic coexistence, N*-chiral-nematic, and chiral-hierarchical mesophases: X-pattern, helical domains, and planar- nematic and homeotopic-nematic, and structural glass.
  • Non-equilibrium: Shear-induced deformations of the orientation textures (in flow-vorticity plane)
  • Soft-mode of charged chiral fibrous viruses (fd)
  • Synchronized oscillations of dimers in biphasic phase of charged fibrous virus (fd) suspensions
  • Flow-driven Mass Transports
    – Flow instability due to coupling of shear-gradients with concentration
    – Local interfacial migration of small particles in big droplets
  • Protein Misfolding and Aggregations in the Low-frequency Electric-fields
    ALS-targeted protein-protein aggregation, ion-channel receptors, and the misfolding states of protein-receptor interactions are classified in terms of the conformational changes of polypeptides, and can be explored by means of image-time correlation and the relaxation times in the electro-optic modulation light scattering (EOM-LS).
    Statistical modeling of diffusion processes far out of equilibrium in crowded networks of cellular fibers and neuronal signaling as an active process.