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The institute is involved in teaching at the universities, of Düsseldorf, Cologne, and Leuven, in the training of young researchers in the Internal Helmholtz Research School “BioSoft” and utilizes a range of instruments which are used in national and international collaborations as well as in the European Infrastructure Project “EUSMI”. 
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Instrumentation & Methods
Funding & Projects
Conferences & Workshops
IHRS BioSoft
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Instrumentation & Methods (allg. Text)
Most of the experimental equipment, including specialized sample environments, is designed and built in-house. We give an overview of such equipment and sample cells, as well as the (partly) commercially available experimental set ups. The very last item is a list of available standard  equipment. (>More: link hin zu Instrumentation)
Funding & Projects (allg. Text)
The institute coordinates and is involved in a number of international funding projects.
Conferences & Workshops
ICS-3 organizes international conferences and workshops covering a broad range of topics in soft matter physics.
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IHRS BioSoft
The International Helmholtz Research School on Biophysics and Soft Matter provides intense training and a comprehensive framework of experimental and theoretical tools in the area of Biophysics and Soft Matter.
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