Referred journals 2016

Ahuja, V.R. ; van der Gucht, J. ; Briels, W.
Coarse-grained simulations for flow of complex soft matter fluids in the bulk and in the presence of solid interfaces
The journal of chemical physics 145(19)194903 – (2016) [10.1063/1.4967422]

Baeza, G.P.; Sharma, A.; Louhichi, A.; Imperiali, L.; Appel, W.P.J.; Fitié, C.F.C.; Lettinga, M.P.; Van Ruymbeke, E.; Vlassopoulos, D.
Multiscale organization of thermoplastic elastomers with varying content of hard segments
Polymer 107, 89 – 101 (2016) [10.1016/j.polymer.2016.11.010]

Eguchi, K.; Niether, D. ; Wiegand, S. ; Kita, R.
Thermophoresis of cyclic oligosaccharides in polar solvents
The European physical journal / E 39(9)86 (2016) [10.1140/epje/i2016-16086-5]

Gapinski, J.; Jarzębski, M.; Buitenhuis, J.; Deptula, T.; Mazuryk, J.; Patkowski, A.
Structure and dimensions of core-shell nanoparticles comparable to the confocal volume studied by means of fluorescence correlation spectroscopy
Langmuir 32(10)2482 – 2491 (2016) [10.1021/acs.langmuir.5b04605]

Giani, M.; den Otter, W.K.; Briels, W.
Clathrin assembly regulated by adaptor proteins in coarse-grained models
Biophysical journal 111(1)222-235 (2016) [10.1016/j.bpj.2016.06.003]

Gârlea, I.C.; Mulder, P.; Alvarado, J.; Dammone, O.; Aarts, D.G.A.L.; Lettinga, M.P.; Koenderink, G.H.; Mulder, B.M.
Finite particle size drives defect-mediated domain structures in strongly confined colloidal liquid crystals
Nature Communications 7, 12112 – (2016) [10.1038/ncomms12112]

Ilie, I. ; den Otter, W.K. ; Briels, W.
A coarse grained protein model with internal degrees of freedom. Application to α-synuclein aggregation
The journal of chemical physics 144(8)085103 (2016) [10.1063/1.4942115]

Jarzebski, M.; Zhang, Y.; Sliwa, T.; Mazuryk, J.; Deptula, T.; Kucinska, M.; Murias, M.; Buitenhuis, J.; Gapiński, J.; Patkowski, A.
Core–shell fluorinated methacrylate nanoparticles with Rhodamine-B for confocal microscopy and fluorescence correlation spectroscopy applications
Journal of fluorine chemistry 183, 92 – 99 (2016) [10.1016/j.jfluchem.2016.01.014]

Kang, K.; Piao, S.H. ; Choi, H.J.
Synchronized oscillations of dimers in biphasic charged fd-virus suspensions
Physical review / E 94(2)020602 (2016) [10.1103/PhysRevE.94.020602]

Kang, K.
Soft-mode of charged chiral fibrous viruses (fd)
Soft matter 12(30)6385 – 6399 (2016) [10.1039/C6SM00528D]

Klein, A.N.; Ziehm, T.; Tusche, M.; Buitenhuis, J.; Bartnik, D.; Boeddrich, A.; Wiglenda, T.; Wanker, E.; Funke, S.A.; Brener, O.; Gremer, L.; Kutzsche, J.; Willbold, D.
Optimization of the All-D Peptide D3 for Aβ Oligomer Elimination
PLoS one 11(4)e0153035 – (2016) [10.1371/journal.pone.0153035]

Lang, C.; Kohlbrecher, J.; Porcar, L.; Lettinga, M.P.
The Connection between Biaxial Orientation and Shear Thinning for Quasi-Ideal Rods
Polymers 8(8)291 (2016) [10.3390/polym8080291]

Liu, Y.; Claes, N.; Trepka, B. ; Bals, S.; Lang, P.R.
A combined 3D and 2D light scattering study on aqueous colloidal model systems with tunable interactions
Soft matter 12(41)8485 – 8494 (2016) [10.1039/C6SM01376G]

Mohanty, P.S.; Nöjd, S.; Bergman, M.J. ; Naegele, G.; Arrese-Igor, S.; Alegria, A.; Roa, R. ; Schurtenberger, P.; Dhont, J.K.G.
Dielectric spectroscopy of ionic microgel suspensions
Soft matter 12(48)9705 – 9727 (2016) [10.1039/C6SM01683A]

Niether, D.; Afanasenkau, D.; Dhont, J.K.G.; Wiegand, S.
Accumulation of formamide in hydrothermal pores to form prebiotic nucleobases
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 113(16)4272 – 4277 (2016) [10.1073/pnas.1600275113]

Nygård, K.; Buitenhuis, J.; Kagias, M.; Jefimovs, K.; Zontone, F.; Chushkin, Y.
Anisotropic de Gennes Narrowing in Confined Fluids
Physical review letters 116(16)167801 (2016) [10.1103/PhysRevLett.116.167801]

Nygård, K.; Sarman, S.; Hyltegren, K.; Chodankar, S.; Perret, E.; Buitenhuis, J.; van der Veen, J.F. ; Kjellander, R.
Density Fluctuations of Hard-Sphere Fluids in Narrow Confinement
Physical review / X 6(1)011014 (2016) [10.1103/PhysRevX.6.011014]

Salamonczyk, M.; Zhang, J.; Portale, G.; Zhu, C.; Kentzinger, E.; Gleeson, J.T. ; Jakli, A.; De Michele, C.*; Sprunt, S.; Stiakakis, E.*; Dhont, J.K.G.
Smectic phase in suspensions of gapped DNA duplexes
Nature Communications 7, 13358 – (2016) [10.1038/ncomms13358]

Syshchyk, O.; Afanasenkau, D.; Wang, Z.; Kriegs, H.; Buitenhuis, J.; Wiegand, S.
Influence of temperature and charge effects on thermophoresis of polystyrene beads
The European physical journal/E 39(12)129 (2016) [10.1140/epje/i2016-16129-y]

Westermeier, F.; Pennicard, D.; Hirsemann, H.; Wagner, U.H.; Rau, C.; Graafsma, H.; Schall, P.; Lettinga, M.P.; Struth, B.
Connecting structure, dynamics and viscosity in sheared soft colloidal liquids: a medley of anisotropic fluctuations
Soft matter 12(1)171 – 180 (2016) [10.1039/C5SM01707F]

Referred journals 2015

Bucciarelli, S.; Casal-Dujat, L.; De Michele, C.; Sciortino, F.; Dhont, J.K.G.;Bergenholtz, J.; Farago, B.; Schurtenberger, P.; Stradner, A.
Unusual Dynamics of Concentration Fluctuations in Solutions of Weakly Attractive Globular Proteins
The journal of physical chemistry letters 6(22)4470 – 4474 (2015)[10.1021/acs.jpclett.5b02092] 

Deptuła, T.; Buitenhuis, J.; Jarzębski, M.; Patkowski, A.; Gapinski, J.
Size of submicrometer particles measured by FCS: Correction of the confocal volume
Langmuir 31(24)6681 – 6687 (2015) [10.1021/acs.langmuir.5b01225] 

Desio, S.; Lang, P.R.
Depletion Interaction Mediated by fd-Virus: on the Limit of Low Density and Derjaguin Approximation
Zeitschrift für physikalische Chemie 229(7-8)1161-1175 (2015) [10.1515/zpch-2014-0553] 

Dhont, J.K.G. ; Kang, K.
Correction: An electric-field induced dynamical state in dispersions of charged colloidal rods
Soft matter 11(14)2893 – 2894 (2015) [10.1039/C5SM90051D]

Kang, K.; Dhont, J.K.G
Electric field-induced criticality and frequency responsive dynamics of charged rods
Journal of intelligent material systems and structures 26(14)1945 – 1950 (2015)[10.1177/1045389X15590272]

Kang,K.; Dhont, J.K.G.
An electric-field induced dynamical state in dispersions of highly charged colloidal rods: comparison of experiment and theory
Colloid & polymer science 293(11)3325 – 3336 (2015) [10.1007/s00396-015-3707-4]

Kang, K.
Charged Colloidal Rods Out of Equilibrium
Advances in Chemical Engineering and Science 05(01)23 – 32 (2015)[10.4236/aces.2015.51003]

Liu, Y.; Bławzdziewicz, J.; Cichocki, B.; Dhont, J.K.G.; Lisicki, M.; Wajnryb, E.; Young, Y.-N.; Lang, P. R.
Near-wall dynamics of concentrated hard-sphere suspensions: comparison of evanescent wave DLS experiments, virial approximation and simulations
Soft matter 11(37)7316 – 7327 (2015) [10.1039/C5SM01624J]

Maeda, K.; Shinyashiki, N.; Yagihara, S.; Wiegand, S.; Kita, R.
Ludwig-Soret effect of aqueous solutions of ethylene glycol oligomers, crown ethers, and glycerol: Temperature, molecular weight, and hydrogen bond effect
The journal of chemical physics 143(12)124504 – (2015) [10.1063/1.4931115]

Makuch, K.; Heinen, M.; Abade, G.C. ; Naegele, G.
Rotational self-diffusion in suspensions of charged particles: simulations and revised Beenakker–Mazur and pairwise additivity methods
Soft matter 11(26)5313 – 5326 (2015) [10.1039/C5SM00056D]

Radulescu, A.; Szekely, N.; Polachowski, S.; Leyendecker, M.; Amann, M.; Buitenhuis, J.; Drochner, M.; Engels, R.; Hanslik, R.; Kemmerling, G.; Lindner, P.; Papagiannopoulos, A.; Pipich, V.; Willner, L.; Frielinghaus, H.; Richter, D.
Tuning the instrument resolution using chopper and time of flight at the small-angle neutron scattering diffractometer KWS-2
Journal of applied crystallography 48(6)1849-1859 (2015)[10.1107/S1600576715019019]

Riest, J.; Athanasopoulou, L.; Egorov, S.A.; Likos, C.N. ; Ziherl, P.
Elasticity of polymeric nanocolloidal particles
Scientific reports 5, 15854 – (2015) [10.1038/srep15854]

Riest, J.; Eckert, T.; Richtering, W.; Naegele, G.
Dynamics of suspensions of hydrodynamically structured particles: analytic theory and applications to experiments
Soft matter 11(14)2821-2843 (2015) [10.1039/C4SM02816C]

Riest, J.; Naegele, G.
Short-time dynamics in dispersions with competing short-range attraction and long-range repulsion
Soft matter 11(48)9273-9280 (2015) [10.1039/C5SM02099A]

Roa, R. ; Zholkovskiy, E. K. ; Naegele, G.
Ultrafiltration modeling of non-ionic microgels
Soft matter 11(20)4106-4122 (2015) [10.1039/C5SM00678C]

Welch, D.; Lettinga, M.P.; Ripoll, M.; Vliegenthart, G.; Dogic, Z.
Trains, tails and loops of partially adsorbedsemi-flexible filaments
Soft matter 11(38)7507 – 7514 (2015) [10.1039/C5SM01457C] 

Referred journals 2014

Alonso de Mezquia, D. ; Wang, Z. ; Lapeira, E. ; Klein, M. ; Wiegand, S. ; Mounir Bou-Ali, M.
Thermodiffusion, molecular diffusion and Soret coefficient of binary and ternary mixtures of n-hexane, n-dodecane and toluene
The European physical journal / E 37(11)106 (2014) [10.1140/epje/i2014-14106-2] 

Banachowicz, E. ; Patkowski, A. ; Meier, G. ; Klamecka, K. ; Gapiński, J.
Successful FCS Experiment in Nonstandard Conditions
Langmuir 30(29)8945 – 8955 (2014) [10.1021/la5015708] 

Dhont, J. K. G. ; Kang, K.
An electric-field induced dynamical state in dispersions of charged colloidal rods
Soft matter 10(12)1987-2007 (2014) [10.1039/c3sm52277f]

Gapinski, J. ; Naegele, G. ; Patkowski, A.
Freezing lines of colloidal Yukawa spheres. II. Local structure and characteristic lengths
The journal of chemical physics 141(12)124505 (2014) [10.1063/1.4895965]

Jin, H. ; Kang, K. ; Ahn, K. H. ; Dhont, J. K. G.
Flow instability due to coupling of shear-gradients with concentration: non-uniform flow of (hard-sphere) glasses
Soft matter 10(47)9470 – 9485 (2014) [10.1039/C4SM01329H]

Kang, K.
Nonequilibrium Phase Transitions and Equilibrium Textures of Charged Chiral Rods (fd-Viruses)
Journal of physical science and application 4(1)26-35 (2014)

Kang, K.
Glass transition of repulsive charged rods (fd-viruses)
Soft matter 10(18)3311 – 3324 (2014) [10.1039/c3sm53131g]

Kang, K.
Electric-field induced microdynamics of charged rods
Frontiers in Physics 2, 73 (2014) [10.3389/fphy.2014.00073]

Kang, K. ; Hong, J. S. ; Dhont, J. K. G.
Local Interfacial Migration of Clay Particles within an Oil Droplet in an Aqueous Environment
The journal of physical chemistry C 118(42)24803 – 24810 (2014)[10.1021/jp508333u]

Kirchenbuechler, I. ; Guu, D. ; Kurniawan, N. A. ; Koenderink, G. H. ; Lettinga, M. P.
Direct visualization of flow-induced conformational transitions of single actin filaments in entangled solutions
Nature Communications 5, 5060 (2014) [10.1038/ncomms6060]

Lewis, A. H. ; Garlea, I. ; Alvarado, J. ; Dammone, O. J. ; Howell, P. D. ; Majumdar, A. ;Mulder, B. M. ; Lettinga, M. P. ; Koenderink, G. H. ; Aarts, D. G. A. L.
Colloidal liquid crystals in rectangular confinement: theory and experiment
Soft matter 10(39)7865-7873 (2014) [10.1039/C4SM01123F]

Lisicki, M. ; Cichocki, B. ; Rogers, S. A. ; Dhont, J. K. G. ; Lang, P. R.
Translational and rotational near-wall diffusion of spherical colloids studied by evanescent wave scattering
Soft matter 10(24)4312 (2014) [10.1039/c4sm00148f]

Maeda, K. ; Shinyashiki, N. ; Yagihara, S. ; Wiegand, S. ; Kita, R.
How does thermodiffusion of aqueous solutions depend on concentration and hydrophobicity?
The European physical journal / E 37(10)94 (2014) [10.1140/epje/i2014-14094-1] 

Naumann, P. ; Datta, S. ; Sottmann, T. ; Arlt, B. ; Frielinghaus, H. ; Wiegand, S.
Isothermal Behavior of the Soret Effect in Nonionic Microemulsions: Size Variation by Using Different n -Alkanes
The journal of physical chemistry B 118(12)3451 – 3460 (2014) [10.1021/jp412126n]

Pfleiderer, P. ; Baik, S. J. ; Zhang, Z. ; Vleminckx, G. ; Lettinga, M. P. ; Grelet, E. ;Vermant, J. ; Clasen, C.
X-ray scattering in the vorticity direction and rheometry from confined fluids
Journal of scientific instruments 85(6)065108 (2014) [10.1063/1.4881796]

Schmid, A. J. ; Riest, J. ; Eckert, T. ; Lindner, P. ; Naegele, G. ; Richtering, W.
Comparison of the Microstructure of Stimuli Responsive Zwitterionic PNIPAM-co-Sulfobetaine Microgels with PNIPAM Microgels and Classical Hard-Sphere Systems
Zeitschrift für physikalische Chemie 228(ISSN (Online) 2196-7156, ISSN (Print) 0942-9352)1033-1052 (2014) [10.1515/zpch-2014-0559] 

Vad, T. ; Heidelmann, M. ; Weirich, T. E. ; Sager, W. ; Zhang, J.
Self-assembly of biaxial discorectangular lead carbonate nanosheets into stacked ribbons studied by SAXS and HAADF-STEM tomographic tilt series
Soft matter 10(47)9511 – 9522 (2014) [10.1039/C4SM01935K]

Wang, Z. ; Afanasenkau, D. ; Dong, M. ; Huang, D. ; Wiegand, S.
Molar mass and temperature dependence of the thermodiffusion of polyethylene oxide in water/ethanol mixtures
The journal of chemical physics 141(6)064904 (2014) [10.1063/1.4891720]

Yakushenko, A. ; Mayer, D. ; Buitenhuis, J. ; Offenhäusser, A. ; Wolfrum, B.
Electrochemical artifacts originating from nanoparticle contamination by Ag/AgCl quasi-reference electrodes
Lab on a chip 14(3)602 – 607 (2014) [10.1039/c3lc51029h]

Zhang, J. ; Lettinga, M. P. ; Dhont, J. K. G. ; Stiakakis, E.
Direct Visualization of Conformation and Dense Packing of DNA-Based Soft Colloids
Physical review letters 113(26)268303 (2014) [10.1103/PhysRevLett.113.268303]

Referred journals 2013

Aburto, C. C. ; Naegele, G.
A unifying mode-coupling theory for transport properties of electrolyte solutions. II. Results for equal-sized ions electrolytes
The journal of chemical physics 139(13)134110 – 21 (2013) [10.1063/1.4822298]

Beltramo, P. J. ; Roa, R. ; Carrique, F. ; Furst, E. M.
Dielectric spectroscopy of concentrated colloidal suspensions
Journal of colloid and interface science 408, 54 – 58 (2013)[10.1016/j.jcis.2013.07.042]

Contreras Aburto, C. ; Naegele, G.
A unifying mode-coupling theory for transport properties of electrolyte solutions. I. General scheme and limiting laws
The journal of chemical physics 139(13)134109 – 18 (2013) [10.1063/1.4822297]

Guu, D. ; Dhont, J. K. G. ; Lettinga, M. P.
Dispersions and mixtures of particles with complex architectures in shear flow
European physical journal special topics 222(11)2739 – 2755 (2013)[10.1140/epjst/e2013-02055-2]

Kang, K. ; Dhont, J. K. G.
Glass Transition in Suspensions of Charged Rods: Structural Arrest and Texture Dynamics
Physical review letters 110(1)015901 (2013) [10.1103/PhysRevLett.110.015901]

Kang, K. ; Dhont, J. K. G.
A glass transition in suspensions of charged fibrous viruses (fd): Structural arrest and chiral texture-dynamics
Super cooled liquids and glass transition
4th International Symposium on slow dynamics in complex systems, Sendai, Japan, 2 Dec 2012 – 7 Dec 2012
AIP conference proceedings 1518, 189-196 (2013) [10.1063/1.4794567]

Kang, K. ; Dhont, J. K. G.
Structural arrest and texture dynamics in suspensions of charged colloidal rods
Soft matter 9(17)4401-4411 (2013) [10.1039/c3sm27754b]

Kweon, H.-J. ; Ferracane, J. ; Kang, K. ; Dhont, J. K. G. ; Lee, I.-B.
Spatio-temporal analysis of shrinkage vectors during photo-polymerization of composite
Dental materials journal 29, 1236-1243 (2013) [10.1016/]

Naderi, S. ; Pouget, E. ; Ballesta, P. ; van der Schoot, P. ; Grelet, E. ; Lettinga, P.
Fractional Hoppinglike Motion in Columnar Mesophases of Semiflexible Rodlike Particles
Physical review letters 111(3)037801 (2013) [10.1103/PhysRevLett.111.037801]

Naegele, G. ; Heinen, M. ; Banchio, A. J. ; Contreras-Aburto, C.
Electrokinetic and hydrodynamic properties of charged-particles systems: From small electrolyte ions to large colloids
European physical journal special topics 222(11)2855 – 2872 (2013)[10.1140/epjst/e2013-02062-3]

Naumann, P. ; Becker, N. ; Datta, S. ; Sottmann, T. ; Wiegand, S.
Soret Coefficient in Nonionic Microemulsions: Concentration and Structure Dependence
The journal of physical chemistry B 117(18)5614-5622 (2013) [10.1021/jp401701u]

Reddy, N. K. ; Palangetic, L. ; Stappers, L. ; Buitenhuis, J. ; Fransaer, J. ; Clasen, C.
Metallic and bi-metallic Janus nanofibers: electrical and self-propulsion properties
Journal of materials chemistry / C 1(23)3646 – 3650 (2013) [10.1039/c3tc30176a]

Vad, T. ; Wulfhorst, J. ; Pan, T.-T. ; Steinmann, W. ; Dabringhaus, S. ; Beckers, M. ;Seide, G. ; Gries, T. ; Sager, W. ; Heidelmann, M. ; Weirich, T. E.
Orientation of Well-Dispersed Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes in Melt-Spun Polymer Fibers and Its Impact on the Formation of the Semicrystalline Polymer Structure: A Combined Wide-Angle X-ray Scattering and Electron Tomography Study
Macromolecules 46(14)5604 – 5613 (2013) [10.1021/ma4001226]

van Gruijthuijsen, K. ; Obiols-Rabasa, M. ; Heinen, M. ; Stradner, A. ; Naegele, G.
Sterically Stabilized Colloids with Tunable Repulsions
Langmuir 29 (36), 11199-11207 (2013) [10.1021/la402104q] 

Wang, Z. ; Kriegs, H. ; Buitenhuis, J. ; Dhont, J. K. G. ; Wiegand, S.
Thermophoresis of charged colloidal rods
Soft matter 9(36)8697 – 8704 (2013) [10.1039/c3sm51456k]

Zhang, B. ; Yu, W. ; Zhao, Q. T. ; Buca, D. ; Breuer, U. ; Hartmann, J. -. ; Holländer, B.; Mantl, S. ; Zhang, M. ; Wang, X.
Effects of C+ ion implantation on electrical properties of NiSiGe/SiGe contacts
Nuclear instruments & methods in physics research / B 307, 408 – 411 (2013)[10.1016/j.nimb.2012.11.088]

Zhang, J. (. ; Lang, P. R. ; Meyer, M. ; Dhont, J. K. G.
Synthesis and Self-Assembly of Squarelike PbCrO4 Nanoplatelets via Micelle Mediated Depletion Attraction
Langmuir 29(15)4679 – 4687 (2013) [10.1021/la4001347]

Zhang, J. ; Lang, P. R. ; Pyckhout-Hintzen, W. ; Dhont, J. K. G.
Controllable synthesis and self-assembly of PbCO3 nanorods in shape-dependent nonionic w/o microemulsions
Soft matter 9(31)7576 – (2013) [10.1039/c3sm00127j]

More publications:

Dissertation/PhD Thesis


MSc Jonas Riest
Doctoral Thesis: Dynamics in colloid and protein systems: Hydrodynamically structured particles, and dispersions with competing attractive and repulsive interactions
HHU Düsseldorf

MSc Yi Liu
Doctoral Thesis: Near Wall Dynamic of Colloidal Particles studied by Evanescent Dynamic Light Scattering
HHU Düsseldorf